Art in the City

Art in the City

There is so much great art to be inspired by in our city at the moment. Here are some of the exhibitions we have enjoyed lately.  

Michael Craig-Martin is showing at the Gagosian gallery with larger than life sculptures of every day objects. Magical.

Tate Modern has just launched the first retrospective of Russian avant-garde artist Natalia Goncharova. Before we visited, we didn't know much about her work but fell in love with her beautiful Ballets Russes costumes and her haunted folk scenes.

The House of Dreams is a place we go back to very often as there is too much to see in one visit. This Dulwich house is the abode of artist Stephen Wright who has spent the last 20 years transforming it into a museum of his personal life, covering every wall with messages and art made from everyday objects that he thrifts or finds in car boot sales. Un-missable.

We discovered Dorothy Circus few weeks back and never had we visited an art expecting to leave with our hands full of delicious tea and a bottle of perfume! Then again, as this West London gallery is the home of Pop Surrealism, it is quite fitting that it is full of surprises... and amazing art. They have just launched an exhibition with street artist Millo called Where the Streets Disappear. Worth a visit. 

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