happy books

happy books

Books, glorious books. We can never have enough of them! Here is a rundown of some we have read and loved this month. 

The Little Birds of Italy by Gaia Petra Sana 

Started as a lockdown-project on Instagram by illustrator Gaia Petra Sana, this is an exquisitely-drawn book about the birds one can spot in Italy, from the blackbird to the nightingale. You can purchase it here

The Rock from the Sky by Jon Klassen

This is the story of Turtle told in a few chapters who tries to find the perfect spot to hang around. It is a perfectly-paced, funny and warm story that made us read it again and again. We loved it so much that we decided to sell it on our shop! You can purchase it here

The Rabbit and the Shadow by Melanie Rutten

This picture book - first published in 2014 - tells the story of young Rabbit who learns to face his fears and ultimately learns to grow up. It is a visual feast and a beautifully-told lesson on dealing with the challenges and joys life can throw in our way. You can purchase it here

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