ice. ice. baby.

ice. ice. baby.

At the time of writing this post, it is raining cats and dogs over London. So why are we thinking about ice creams? Because we ALWAYS do. Whatever the weather. 

We love everything about ice creams. Including ice cream art. To inspire us about this magical treat without the risk of rotting our teeth or expanding our waistlines, here is some delicious ice cream art. Stare, enjoy but no licking please.

A skating ice cream by Ashwin Chacko.

An ice cream sweat shirt by ABSRD

A bunch of fun ice cream pals from Simone Razzano


A mask-wearing ice cream by Yulia Gorkina

A Lisbon-inspired ice cream by Egle Plytnikaite

An iScream by Ivano Talamo.

A fuzzy felt ice cream by Adam Williams.  


A friendly ice cream by Kyle Prior.

A dancing ice cream by Liv Chapman

A triple-happy ice cream by Meredith Jensen. 

Breakfast ice creams by

Imagine driving around the whole of the country to visit 99 locations and photograph 99 99s? A dream that Luke Stephenson was lucky to live in real life. 

For more delicious ice cream drawings, check our Little Editors collection!

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