Old Stuff: Mammoths!

Old Stuff: Mammoths!

With the latest Anorak being devoted to MAMMOTHS, our friend and Queen of Old Stuff, Saskia Ericson, has gone around the world on a hunt for weird and wonderful woolly mammoths statues. Saskia would like you to know that putting this amazing Top Ten together was a mammoth task! She worked from tusk to dawn, and we’re woolly pleased with what she dug up! 

This guy and his little frog pal live at Dinosaurland, Virginia, USA; surrounded by a herd of magnificent prehistoric creatures that the park has accumulated since opening in 1963. Photo by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades. 

Ouch! This forlorn mammoth, with missing tusks and trunk, resides at the derelict Spree Park in Berlin; which opened in 1969 and was abandoned in 2001. Photo by Jenni Fuchs

You’ll find this scene at Cuba’s Prehistoric Valley in Baconao Park, which opened in 1980. More than 200 life-size sculptures were made by inmates from the local prison. Photo courtesy Hi Cuba.

This fella looks like a gigantic kid’s toy with that ice base. He lives at Dan yr Ogof National Showcaves Centre in Wales (UK). Their first dinosaur went on display in 1977, and they now have over 250 life-sized fibreglass models. 

This dazzling blue beauty lives at the The Flintstones Bedrock City theme park in Arizona which opened in 1972. Flintstones fans will remember the modern stone-age family using a baby mammoth as a vacuum cleaner and an adult mammoth as a shower head.Photo by Saskia Ericson.


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