“I like Anorak (..) because it keeps you busy a long time."

—Nora, 9 years old.

“One of the most imaginative kids publications in stores..."

—GOOP (Gwyneth Paltrow.)

“Anorak is what would happen if Monty Python, Ralph Steadman and René Magritte decided to make a magazine for children.It's anarchic, fun, laugh-out-loud strange and readable for kids of all ages.”

—Huffington Post.

"In everything Anorak does, the saccharine, fat and starch of the usual children's fare has been replaced by the true sweetness of homegrown organic fare. Extreme fun for the kids and a visual delight for all. YUM!"

—Françoise Mouly,

Editorial Director, TOON Books

Art Editor, The New Yorker

About HAPPY TV: "Anorak is bright and in your face, fun and informative, and consummately creative. Perfectly aimed at what makes kid’s imaginations go wild, Anorak comes out in print four times a year."


"I was blown away when I first saw this kid’s magazine Anorak and wondered whether it would be weird if I ordered a subscription for myself. The design is fantastic and the illustrations unique and super cool. It’s full of funny comics, clever games and cute short illustrated stories."

—Book by its Cover.

Nominated first of top three ‘hot new prints’

—Time Magazine.

A unique and beautifully designed magazine for kids, totally unlike anything else on the market. The illustrations are beautiful enough to please the most finickity parent, and fun enough to engage children. The recommended reading age is around five to ten but this can be interpreted pretty loosely.

—The Guardian.

“Anorak is undoubtedly the coolest kids magazine for 5 to 9 years old.”

—Vogue Kids France.

"(…) A stunning design led read for kids that’s packed full of stunning, popping artwork, exciting stories to get lost in, how-to’s and games. Cleverly it’s a unisex magazine that doesn’t impose any stereotypes and even for us big kids, it’s a stimulating read that provokes discussion between you."

—Bambino Goodies.

"Las revistas para niños también pueden ser diseñadas de manera diferente y dotadas de contenidos de calidad. Anorak es un ejemplo perfecto."


"The magazine feels at once completely of the moment and like something you’d find at the bottom of an old toy box at Grandma’s house."

—Ruth Jamieson, Print is Dead, Long Live Print. (Random House)

"The most delightful children's magazine."

—Tyler Brulé, Monocle Radio.

"...the world’s best kids’ mag."

—JustB Australia

About Food is Fun. "This is a one-off book that is as much coffee table eye candy as it is a fun fodo read. The beautifully printed book features recipes, games and facts."

—Voted in top ten best kids cookbooks. The Independent

"This quarterly pop culture magazine is so cool you would want it for yourself!"

—Babyccino Kids

"This is my new favourite publication and the craziest part is that it’s a freakin children’s magazine!"


"A quarterly publication bursting with ideas and inspiration, and urging its young readers to tap into their own imaginations."


"Educational, fun, and nicely designed--a new favourite. Already looking forward to the next issue."

—Urban Mums

"Cool for kids."

—Elle Decoration

"Anorak  brings smart design and illustration for children 6 and over."