Dot Magazine

DOT Magazine is a quarterly print magazine aimed at boys & girls aged 5 and under. Launched in 2015, DOT is ad-free, available to buy online and distributed through bookshops, kids boutiques, school libraries, and the newsstands. 

Just like its older brother Anorak, DOT encompasses all aspects of a child’s life, from jumping in puddles to learning through play. It encourages kids to be resourceful and find solutions using all the tools they naturally have at their disposition: imagination, creativity and fun. 

“Parents and educators have been asking me for years to produce a quality magazine for a younger audience. And with a market over-crowded with dumbed down, purposeless and poorly designed magazines, I felt this was the right time to launch DOT. DOT is here to teach, inspire and provide plenty of hours of intelligent fun at the same time.” Cathy Olmedillas, Founder.