a summer of ice creams

a summer of ice creams

Very proud to announce the launch of Anorak's 53rd edition! An issue made in lockdown with a theme super close to our hearts: ICE CREAMS!

In this brand new edition, we acknowledge and thank the heroes who invented this favourite treat of ours, we reveal which ones we love most (spoiler alert: most of them!) and we learn where it comes from and why ice is sooo... nice!

We show you how to make your very own ice cream parlour and our Little Editors' gallery is filled with weird and wonderful frozen treats.

This issue also carries over 80 drawings made by the brilliant illustrators who were briefed by our Little Editors at the start of lockdown to 'draw them something'. 

All editions were sent out today (July 8th) and you can order yours from here. A note that while most postal services have resumed, there are still some delays in some parts of the world such as South East Asia and North America. We thank you for your patience. 

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