Airbnb x Anorak

Airbnb x Anorak

Airbnb partnered with the Natural History Museum by sponsoring their sleepover events, Dino Snores for Kids.

During these fun monthly events, Airbnb have set up a basecamp within the museum where children become little explorers for the night.

Studio Anorak was tasked with the branding of the event as well as the merchandising for the goodie bags and a 36pp magazine dedicated to the theme of exploration.

This fun, engaging and unisex printed children's magazine took inspiration from the themes inherent to Airbnb's ethos: Travel, Transformation and Exploration.

The magazine, called EXPLORE, carried a combination of stories ("Grayson the garden gnome hitches a ride to Denmark"), educational and fun features ("The Origins of Life" turned into a maze), an interview with the amazing teen explorer Jade Haimester, activities ("Make your own passport holder") and much more!

Given away in goodie bags to all Airbnb's basecamp participants, it also came with a dino-inspired poster for children to pin on their bedroom walls.

Studio Anorak also created the storyboards and illustrations for a special monthly social activation where the audience is required to create the chapters of a story between a dinosaur and a little explorer.

Tasks: concept, editorial, copy, art direction, design, illustration, publishing, social assets.

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