Anorak's 50th edition!

Anorak's 50th edition!

We have some happy news to share: a new edition of Anorak is here and it is one EXTRA special edition. Here's why: 

  • It is our 50th edition! Yes, 50! And that's all thanks to you, dear readers.  A HUGE thank you for your unwavering support! 
  • Its theme is PEACOCKS. We love these fascinating creatures not just because of their obvious beauty but because they are the subjects of many mystical tales.

    • In this feathery edition, we discover how peacocks have been revered over the millenia, we meet a very special historian pigeon called Paris, we visit a forest made of violins and our Little Editors delight us with their bird-tastic drawing skills.

      • This edition comes with a FREE and FUN activity book, IMAGINE THAT, commissioned and sponsored by our friends at Tu Clothing. Like us, they are passionate about children tapping into their imagination (rather than tapping on a screen!) and using their natural curiosity to explore. This little treat carries fun facts, tips on what to do on a rainy day, a guide on how to turn your little ones into racing car champs and plenty of games to keep everyone busy throughout the summer. 



      This happy bundle is being sent out to our beloved subscribers and independent stockists this week so expect them to plop on your doormat soon! To get yours, click here. Thank you!


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