anorak on tour: stockholm

anorak on tour: stockholm

Things we have loved in Stockholm (Sweden):

Moderna Museet

We were greeted outside with "The Fantastic Paradise", a permanent exhibition from one of our favourite artists Nikky de St Phalle and her husband Jean Tinguely. The inside spoilt us too, with works from Matisse, Dali and an incredible exhibition by Laurie Anderson. Huge love for their brilliant Art Library where you pick the work you want to see from their catalogue and it is retrieved from their archives. 

Vasa Museum

The Vasa is a 17th Century ship that sank 15 minutes after sailing off the coast of Stockholm. A mere 300 years later, it was brought back to the surface and preserved in this incredible museum. It is mind-blowing to witness the sheer grandeur of this ship. A must-see.

The Stockholm Toy Museum

It has all the ingredients of the kind of toy museum we love to visit: weird and wonderful tin toys, dolls (some creepy, some not), Abba Disco room, and a whole section dedicated to the history of comics. 

The Royal Swedish Opera

We are not well-versed in all things ballet but at less than £15 a ticket on a Sunday afternoon, we couldn't miss the opportunity to see a modern rendition of Juliet & Romeo. So glad we did, because while we can't profess to have understood everything, it was a magical experience! 

Naturally, ice creams were consumed! Our favourite goes to Kenny's Gelato, in Djurgarden. Also, a massive love for the art in all Stockholm metro stations.

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