the happiness museum

the happiness museum

Where are we, this time?

 At The Museum of Happiness (Copenhagen, Denmark).

What is it about?

Launched in 2020 by the Happiness Research Institute, it showcases studies about what events make people happy, where people are happiest, traces the history of Happiness and aims to answer questions such as 'Why do we laugh?'

What did we learn?

That the concept of happiness on earth was only introduced in the 13th Century by the Italian theologist Thomas Aquinas. Before that, happiness was exclusively seen as a matter for the afterlife.

That laugh predates speech. 

That the word 'happy' was for a long time the same word as 'lucky' in many European languages. 

What did we love the most?

How it made us reflect on what makes us happy (apart from making magazines and eating ice creams). 

Reading the many notes that visitors left on the walls, about what makes them happy. Friends, family featured heavily. We didn't notice many ice cream entries, tsk. But we spotted Potatoes and Creativity. All is well then. 

The Happiness MuseumAdmiralgade 19, 1066 København K. 

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