street art: beyond amazing!

street art: beyond amazing!

If you are in London or able to visit, we recommend you take your good self and your whole family to Beyond the Streets at the Saatchi Gallery.

It traces the history of graffiti and street art and it delivers tons and tons visual goodness that will make your brain fizz with joy. Fact. 

It's an epic visual journey from the 70s to now, which includes some of our favourite artists such as Stickymonger, HuskMitNavn, Lady Pink, Todd James, and more. And we discovered others such as Paul Insect whose "Rubbish Stuff" store made us lose our minds a bit! 

There are 3 floors of it so you could easily spend a whole afternoon there and still feel that you might want to come back for a second visit! 

It runs until May 9th, go, go and go. Tickets here

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