child wonder: murugiah

child wonder: murugiah

This week, our Child Wonder guest of honour is the amazing artist Murugiah. His mesmerizing work belongs to the world of psychedelia and dreams, which made him the perfect person to illustrate our Imagination edition. We simply love staring at his work and here we discover how his childhood shaped his esthetic. 

Anorak: Do you feel like you are doing the job you were intended to do?

MurugiahYes! I was super interested in art and creativity as a kid, spending a lot of my time coming up with imagined worlds and redrawing my favourite characters from films. It is basically what I’m doing now, haha!! Who knows where it might go next? I did have a slight detour of training to be an architect and although it wasn’t for me as a career, I'm actually working on projects such as murals and interior designs alongside incorporating architectural elements into my work. So it ended up having an influence on my work. 

Anorak: Describe a happy episode of your childhood that connects you to the creative person you've become.

Murugiah:  I would say playing with legos as a child with my brother. It was such a fun time that, looking back allowed for my creativity to flourish. 

Anorak: What story/book do you associate with your childhood?

Murugiah: The Animals of Farthing Wood was a TV show based on a book. I loved them both! The UK was one of the first countries to air the TV show in 1993 right at time that was perfect for me as a kid to enjoy. 

Anorak: How do you keep creative and full of wonder now as a grown-up?

Murugiah: I think the secret is that I am still a kid! I get very excited about discovering new creative aspects of film, art, tech anything really. When something really fun and weird dazzles me in the world I can’t shut up about it! But it's all based on having a long creative life as a child. 

Thank you Murugiah, we couldn't agree more, the key is to stay a child! 

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