donate your eyes

donate your eyes


We hope you will join us in our mission to raise awareness about childhood glaucoma, as initiated by our friend David Lawrie (creative at ad agency Anomaly), whose son Flynn was diagnosed with it when he was a baby. 

Why are we helping?

Glaucoma is a condition oftentimes associated with an older audience, however, 5 in 100 000 children are either born with it or develop it in childhood.

Moorfields Eye Hospital (London, UK) are doing an amazing work to help parents and children diagnosed with glaucoma (just like they did with Flynn and David) and we would love to thank them in a meaningful way. 

Rad'eyes by Jurg Lindenberger. 

How can you help us?

We are asking artists and illustrators to 'donate their eyes', ie to draw eyes on a 1x1 square which we will add to our Eye Collection on Instagram. The more eyes we get, the more donations we hope to generate for Moorfields

Please send your eyes to 

(There is no deadline and your eyes rights stay with you!)

Fish Eyes by Daniele Morganti.

I am not an artist, but how can I help?

You could still draw eyes, or help us to promote this initiative to everyone you know or simply donate what you can to the Moorfields Eye Hospital here

We thank you HUGELY for your support and hope to see your eyes soon!

Cathy x

Spring Eyes by Erika Mendoza.


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