episode 2 is here!

episode 2 is here!

We are proud to announce the launch of Episode 2 of The Happy Podcast for Kids. This time, it is all about CITIES

We follow Ian (6 years old) on a tour around his city in South Korea, we discover how mushrooms can be turned into construction material, ask our guests 'should every house have a jetpack?' and 'why are cities built in a grid?"

Thank you Dr Margarethe Theseira, Head of Economics at JacobsArchitects Basia Swierc and Shaun Ihejetoh at West Port Architects and Urban Designer Vaggy Georgali for being such amazing guests. Thank you to Little Editors Ian (6, South Korea), James (9, UK), Ethan (11, UK), Naomi (8, Germany), Ema (9, UK), Bruna (9, Spain) and Manjushri (9, USA) for their fab questions. Thank you George Wade and RIBA for your help!

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