happy diary

happy diary

Here's a small dose of happy from us:

happy issues
Happy to report that we have almost finished our Spring editions which will be out mid March. You can now start your subscription with those rather than the current ones. Can't wait to share!

child wonder
Our new weekly blog series. Child Wonder, has now kicked off with an interview with the founder of the amazing toys company Kotok. Find out here how becoming a Mum has allowed Xusha to reconnect with her inner child. 

happy hugs
We LOVE these happy hugs pillows from our Queen of Make Julia Staite

worry blobs
Worry Blobs are adorable ceramic pals to talk to or hold tight in our hands when things get overwhelming. 

the red balloon
The Red Balloon is one of our favourite movies. It tells the story of a little boy and his balloon while out and about in 1950s Paris. You can watch it here for free. 

survival guide
Our friends at Mimaster have launched Volume 2 of their Survival Guide. A must read for all budding illustrators out there. Available to buy here


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