happy diary

happy diary

Here are some of the things that made us happy this month:

Reason to celebrate: both Anorak and DOT have Spring editions out in the real world. We never take for granted the joys of not only producing these happy magazines but also seeing them in the hands of our readers. Also available digitally here

We love these paper ladybirds from Pukaca, perfect to keep us busy and creative during a long (grey) weekend. 

DOT's latest edition welcomes a new bunch of pals, the Froggy Gang. You can also follow their adventures on Instagram here

More frogs love: Adidas have just released for us big kids Kermit Stan Smith trainers! The fact that they are made out of recycled rubber makes them even more lovable. 

We have loved pointing our phones at the universe to spot planets with Night Sky

Sharks are vital to the ocean's ecosystem and to the survival of many species, including ours. Let's show our shark-love by supporting charities such as The Shark Trust. Thank you! 

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