happy january things

happy january things

Things that made us happy in January. 

Little Editors We have grown the ranks of our Little Editors and cannot wait to share their masterpieces soon. Thank you to all of the teachers and parents who have registered their budding artists. You can apply by replying to this email. 

A secret language Miro art: we were reminded of this important artist while on a visit to his foundation in Barcelona. He saw his art as 'a secret language made up of spells which predates words'.  Something all artists, budding or established, can get inspired by. 

Frog love When the days are grey, we like to fill our walls with happy art, such as these delighful frogs by our guest artist Carmen

Take notes We paid a visit to Present&Correct new shop in London and it's an immaculate collection of things to make us want to write, draw and get creative. 

Is all reading good? There is a new study that's showing that reading on paper is more effective than on screen. Music to our ears. (Source: The Guardian UK)

Places of joy This month our places of joy are... libraries! You can view some of the most beautiful ones here.

Ice cream We tried 2 new flavours this month: plantain and coffee. 

Happy Podcast for Kids  Still going strong, with over 32,000 downloads!! The good news is we are working on Series 3. Stay tuned. 

In other news, we are working on our next editions, Anorak and DOT and they will both be out towards the end of February. 

Thank you! 

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