happy things

happy things


Happy Stickers - Our friend Lizzy Itzkowitz has been making fun stickers on Giphy. Join the 483 million people who have enjoyed them here


Hooray for Art - A huge shout out to all the amazing art educators out there who champion all things creative and fun. Like the incredible Ms C!


Chicken for Linda - Londoners, do not miss the screening of the award-winning animated film Chicken for Linda as part of the Cinema Made in Italy festival running from 20.03 to 24.03. Book tickets here


Outside Joy - A wholesome habit we formed during social distancing that has never left us: going for a walk & talk with friends or family. 


Stories That Never Stand Still - A few years back we were commissioned to make a book celebrating the neuro-divergent brain. We have no printed copies left but you can enjoy it in a PDF format here

Ice Cream of the Month - We tried a liquid nitrogen ice cream from Chinchin (London, UK) for the first time and it was creamy and yum-delish. 


Ricebokchoi ... is our new favourite cuddly friend. Get your own here


Happy Year of the Dragon - Wishing all our friends a Happy Spring Festival! 

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