hooray for boredom

hooray for boredom

School is out... for some of us! Here are a few fun activities to keep the summer creative:

  • Mysterious Message: invent a new alphabet by turning each letter into a symbol. Write secret messages using it and get your friends/family to decode them.
  • Mud Menu: invent a menu made of mud and leaves for worms and ants only!
  • Flamingo Challenge: how long can you stand on one leg? Challenge your friends/family to beat your record!
  • Crab Walk: today is Crab Walk day which means you have to walk sideways ALL DAY.
  • Ink Beasts: splat some ink unto a page and turn them into weird and wonderful creatures.
  • Dot Drawing: dip a cotton bud (Q-tip) into some paint to draw a heart or a butterfly.
  • Meditation Dot: draw a big dot on a page. Stare at it for as long as possible. Congratulations you can now meditate!
  • Happy Journal: what have you done today? Record it all in a diary.
  • Pasta Pals: Take different shaped pasta. Stick them on a piece of paper.  Give them legs, arms of hair to turn them into friends!
  • Stone FamilyPick some stones from the park, wash them and paint them to turn them into a family. 
  • ABC Hunt: Make a list of all the letters in the alphabet on a piece of paper.  In your house or out and about, write down everything you spot starting with each letter. Good luck with X or Y or Z!! 

Kids are still bored? How about getting them to draw their favourite ice cream for  our Little Editors gallery?


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