(more) happy things

(more) happy things

Modern Illustration / A brilliant archive of 50s, 60s and 70s adverts made by pioneering illustrators by artist Zara Picken. Made us feel nostalgic for when advertising and art blended beautifully. 

Warhol exhibition at Halcyon Gallery (London) / Everyday objects elevated to art pieces by the Pop Master himself. 

Lisa Trim's fishes / Utterly in love with these fishes that are making happy waves in our brains. Discovered Lisa's work via the excellent Trifle Studio, dedicated to championing the work of artists with learning disabilities. 

Vonnie's Pencil Case / Dutch illustrator Vonnie has a shop filled with exquisite prints, tote bags and washi tapes but our fave has to be his gorgeous garden pencil case. 

Ice cream flavour of the week: black sesame by Tsujiri.

IG account of the week: the jaw-droppingly exquisite work of paper artist Fujita Takashi

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