Stories That Never Stand Still

Stories That Never Stand Still

We are SUPER proud to announce the launch of Studio Anorak's latest project: Stories That Never Stand Still, a book that celebrates the neurodiverse brain, curating stories that show what it’s really like to have an ADHD brain. 

Created in collaboration with the ADHD Foundation, this book comprise personal accounts written by 10 ADHD ambassadors and some educational pieces such as "Hooray for ADHD" and the "A to Z of ADHD".

Illustrated by neurodiverse artists who we sourced and commissioned exclusively for this project, Stories That Never Stand Still will, we hope, go some way to educate, inspire and raise a smile or two. There have been so much stigma or clichés associated with neurodiversity and to be able to work on a project which gives a voice to the ones who live and breathe it daily is very humbling. 

Stories That Never Stand Still is a (lush) physical book distributed for free in secondary schools around the UK and it is available to download here

Thank you Stu Hallybone and the whole team at Edelman UK for this brilliant opportunity and all the Studio Anorak crew, namely Elise Gravel, Graeme Zirk, Andy J. Pizza, Ryan Bubnis, Jacob Myrick, Yvonne Keesman, Lizzy Itzkowitz, Graeme Zirk, Kay Wilson, Iris van den Akker, Kat Lyons, Kat Garcia, Anne BentleyJonno Hopkins and Ben Javens

If you'd like to find out more about Stories That Never Stand Still, please get in touch with us via our contact page. Thank you!

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