we are 14. that's old.

we are 14. that's old.

Dear Anorak friends,

I hope you are keeping happy and healthy. 

14 years ago today, we sent the first edition of our Happy Mags for Kids to the printers. Today, we sent Volume 55 to them!

I want to thank all of you for being with us on this incredible adventure, especially in the last few months, when more and more and more of you have joined us!  

We have at least another 555 editions in us and our pledge is the same as on day one: to bring a little joy and creativity to children (big and small) all over the world. Your support means that we are able to continue to produce Happy Mags, and very soon... Happy Books and Happy Podcasts! (More of that later).

Very grateful to you all,


Cathy x

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