we are listening

we are listening

We aim to be an oasis of joy and creativity. We are also keenly aware of the trauma and injustices happening in the world. Listening better. Learning differently. Being kinder. Talking it out. Those are the things we are doing to try to make it better. Sending love. x

donate - The brilliant publishers Knights Of need our help to keep producing great inclusive fiction for children aged 5+. Please consider donating here if you can, buy their books here or ask your local library to stock them. 

invent -  Get your little ones to imagine what a happier world would look like by taking part in the mini-challenges set by the team behind the Little Inventors. Imagine, draw and upload here

subscribeWant to receive excellent books by BAME authors and illustrators every month? We highly recommend Lantana Publishing subscription service. And check out their YouTube channel for trailers and readings. 

watchRaising antiracist kids talk with Ibram X. Kendi on 18th June. Jane Eliott's Blue Eyes & Brown Eyes experiment. Sesame Street will address racism in an episode airing on Saturday on CNN.   

educate - We need more relevant and inclusive education. Support The Black Curriculum education campaign to include Black History in the curriculum. You can email the Secretary of State for Education by using this template here.

Thank you. 

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