DOT - LAUGHTER - Volume 19


While on lockdown, DOT enjoyed one thing more than ever: jokes. Which is why this brand new edition is dedicated to laughter. In this giggle-inducing issue, DOT explains what happens to us when we see something funny, wonders if everything is funny and serves its readers a big helping of its favourite jokes. 

We meet Pigeon the Pigeon and discover what he spends his day doing. Harry & Grumpy stay at home. And we find out what grows on trees (money? love? pears?) 

It carries plenty of rib-tickling games and instructions on how to make a fun Joke Teller. 

If you are in Europe, please order from this site here to avoid being charged the new Brexit-induced customs taxes. 

DOT is aimed at boys and girls aged 5 and under, is ad-free and printed on recycled paper using vegetable ink. 

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