Spoil your little ones by subscribing to our new Happy Mag for Creative Kids, DOT, aimed at boys AND girls aged 5 and under.

Filled with fun stories and activities, it is the perfect companion for all budding artists and dreamers. It is also ad-free and printed on recycled paper.

This subscription is for eight issues of DOT delivered to your door or theirs! DOT is quarterly and comes out in April, July, September and November. 

You can now choose which issue you'd like to start your issue with. Simply click the desired Volume number on the 'Start issue' drop-down menu underneath 'Destination'. 

Please note that if you start your subscription from a past issue, you will receive every issue that was published since that edition. For example if you choose for your subscription to start from Volume 18 and our current edition is Volume 21, you will receive 18,19, 20 and 21 in one bundle.  

All issues are sent using Royal Mail within 48 hours of your order.

If you'd like to receive our Happy Mags every quarter and save money, please consider subscribing here


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