This edition of our Happy Mag for Kids is all about the most misunderstood creatures on our planet: sharks! 

With the help of our shark-friend Cat, a Senior Conservation Officer at The Shark Trust, we discover how varied a species they are and why they deserve our admiration. We also dive in Anorak Ocean where we will swim amongst the most beautifully-drawn sharks, courtesy of our Little Editors.

We also find out what happens to superheroes when they retire and learn to make a banananananana bread, which isn't a bread at all. 

This issue carries tons of fun activities, including a Feed The Shark cardboard game that will keep all little minds buzzing with creativity. 

If you are in Europe, please order from this site here to avoid being charged the new Brexit-induced customs taxes. 

We ship worldwide using Royal Mail and within 48 hours of receiving your order. Suitable for kids aged 6+ who are proficient readers. 

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