We have HAPPY BUNDLES and now we have SUPER bundles. 

The Super Bundle includes 6 back issues of our Happy Mag for Kids at a discounted RRP of £5 per edition (instead of £6/ £7.50). 

It comprises:

The Football edition - where we dive into the history of the beautiful game. 

The Ice cream edition - where we indulge in our favourite subject ever and its history!

The Corals edition -  where we discover how incredible these underwater creatures are. 

The Family edition - where we visit Family Land to find out what a family is. 

The Parks edition - where we celebrate the magical worlds that Parks are. 

The Fruit & Veg edition -  where we remind ourselves why fruits and vegetables are so amazing. 

All Super Bundles are sent using Royal Mail within 48 hours of your order. Issues in this bundle cannot be swapped for other editions due to stock availability.

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