tu clothing

The Summer can be a challenging time for parents and children alike, when long days mean guaranteed boredom.

Sainsbury’s own clothing line, Tu Clothing, and their creative agency Portas approached Studio Anorak to create a boredom-busting activity book to spark children’s imagination during the Summer days.

We created Imagine That, a fully illustrated 28-page book, filled with activities (“Eat the Rainbow” “Hooray for Rainy Days”), games (“Leaf Art” “Count in Space”) and things to make (“Make a Race Car”, “Make an Octopus Mask”).

20,000 copies of the book were printed and bound in with Anorak Magazine’s 50th issue. The book was also sent out to 500 schools and home educators around the UK and reprinted to meet demand. It was given away for free as a download on Tu Clothing’s site and on Anorak’s site during lockdown.

In addition to the book, we launched a “Draw your dream School” competition amongst our Little Editors, garnering over 50 entries which were published in the Learning edition of Anorak.

This project was promoted for one month on Anorak’s social channels, reaching over 200,000 followers.